Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

MBBR systems are highly efficient activated sludge processes using biofilm carrier biomedia. Biomedia used in aeration tank in MBBR system allow extended surface area for microorganisms to grow. Through that, microorganism concentration in unit tank volume increases and required tank volume decreases. 

MBBR systems can be used in treatment of both domestic and industrial wastewater. MBBR systems have high treatment efficiency. They can be manufactured in different capacities based on project needs. MBBR systems are suitable for capacity increases because of they are modular systems.  


  • Required area is small comparing with conventional activated sludge process.
  • Effluent solid matter concentration is lower.
  • MLSS concentration is high in reactor.
  • Process stability is high, they are not affected from changing conditions.
  • Sludge production rate is low.
  • There is no sludge bulking problem. 
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