Membrane Biorectors (MBR)

MBR systems are combination of biological treatment and membrane filtration technology. MBR systems can be designed in two types, internal and external. Membrane bioreactors that are designed by MITTEM are internal type systems. In MBR systems, biologically treated wastewater is filtered with membrane fibers located in reactor. Treatment efficiency of MBR system is quite higher than other treatment systems. For this reason, MBR System effluent can be used for specific purposes. MBR system are designed with different capacities in both modular and concrete type depending on project needs in the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewaters. 


  • Required area is very small because of high MLSS concentration and elimination of settling tank requirement. 
  • High MLSS concentration is achievable in reactor. 
  • Enable wastewater recovery with high removal efficiency of organic and solid matter.
  • Excess sludge production is very low because of high solid retention time. 
  • MBR systems are very suitable for remote control so qualified personnel is not neccessary. 
  • Capital and operational cost is low especially in high capacities.
  • High treatment efficiency can be achievable even there is flucttiations in pollutant loads and flowrate.
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